Constitution party candidate

CJ Hacker For Florida State House District 55

Tired of the same old establishment of self-serving career politicians? Vote CJ Hacker, a principled conservative and constitutionalist who will stand up for your interests.


guarantee right to life


restore constitutionalism


protect Religious Liberty

A Florida First Statesman

Meet CJ

I was born and raised here in Central Florida. I reside in Pasco County where I have served on my HOA Board since 2018 for a community of 134 properties. I have an extensive technology background as a Professional Services Engineer for a Major Telco Company.

I will fight…
– To follow through on the overturning Roe v. Wade and end abortion in the State of Florida.
– To protect the rights of every Floridian.
– To protect freedom of religion, conscience, and the right to bear arms.
– To end Federal overreach in Florida and restore our independence.
– To end Capitol Police presence in Florida.
– To expand school choice and improve our education system.
– Against Critical Race Theory and the poisoning of our children’s minds.
– Against medical tyranny to ensure that appropriate decisions are made only between a patient and his/her doctor.