Elect a Real Statesman

Are you tired of career politicians and the Government taking away your rights?

I am Christian, born and raised here in Central Florida. I reside in Pasco County where I have served on my HOA Board since 2018 for a community of 134 properties. I have an extensive technology background as a Professional Services Engineer for a Major Telco Company.

I’m tired of sitting back and watching the dismantling of our great republic

Have you noticed how politicians forget that they serve We The People but instead serve themselves or their corporate interests? Too many of them become comfortable and forget who they were sent to represent.

If elected, my compact with you will be to represent you as True Constitutional Statesman and not as some quid pro quo politician

I will work with you and for you along with our elected officials, to serve you.

As a Real Statesman, I support the Core American values as outlined in the Declaration of Independence as well as the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is the Supreme of the Land and was written powerful enough to topple tyrants and simple enough a child can understand it.

I will act where many other representatives have been silent. I will be your man on the inside, and we will work together to ensure that Florida will be a beacon of freedom for many generations to enjoy.

I will fight:

  • For the rights of every Floridian.
  • To protect religious freedom, freedom of conscience and the right to bear arms.
  • To end Roe v. Wade as it’s time to dismantle this terrible precedent plaguing our people.
  • To abolish the state sanctioned murdering of our most vulnerable Floridians.
  • Against all overreach by the Federal Government including ending Capitol Police presence right here in Florida.
  • To preserve and maintain Florida’s Constitutional Authority and her sovereignty.
  • Against the political left, the woke and all cultural marxists.
  • Against CRT and the poisoning of our Children’s minds
  • Against medical fascism and defend your rights in healthcare with decisions belonging between you and your doctor
  • To expand School Choice
  • To secure our elections

Will you enter the fight with me?

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The Constitution Party of Florida acknowledges that the Rights of Man, as bestowed by our Creator, are protected by the United States Constitution, and seeks to restore the Constitutional Republic and American jurisprudence to its Biblical and Common Law origins.