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CJ Hacker For Florida State House District 55

Tired of the Same Old Establishment of Self-Serving Career Politicians?

Vote for CJ Hacker, a principled conservative and constitutionalist who will stand up for your interests.

I understand the frustrations many of us feel with the current political landscape. My pledge is to bring transparency, integrity, and unwavering dedication to representing you and ensuring that your voice is heard.

Join me in challenging the status quo and building a brighter future for Florida.


guarantee right to life


restore constitutionalism


protect Religious Liberty

A Florida First Statesman

Meet CJ Hacker

Born and raised in Central Florida, I am proud to call Pasco County my home. 

Since 2018, I have served on the HOA Board for my neighborhood, working to improve our community.

In 2022, I ran for Florida House District 55 as the ONLY abolitionist candidate statewide, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to the cause.

Since Spring of 2023, I have served on the Board of Directors of Abolish Abortion Florida. 

Most recently, in Spring of 2024, I was appointed Secretary of the Constitution Party of Florida’s Executive Committee.

With a track record of service and commitment, I bring a unique perspective and unwavering dedication to the table. My experience in leadership roles and my passion for community improvement drive me to develop practical solutions to complex issues, ensuring our community is equipped for the future.

My Commitment to You

I am running for public office to fight for the values and rights that matter most to us. Here’s what I stand for:

  • Defending Life: I will work to end abortion in the State of Florida.
  • Protecting Rights: I am committed to safeguarding the rights of every Floridian, ensuring our freedoms are upheld.
  • Religious Freedom: I will protect freedom of religion and conscience.
  • Right To Bear Arms: I will work to pass true constitutional carry in our state.
  • State Sovereignty: I will fight to end federal overreach in Florida and restore our Republic.
  • Educational Excellence: I will work to expand school choice and improve our education system to provide better opportunities for our children.
  • Combating CRT: I will stand against Critical Race Theory and any efforts to poison children’s minds with divisive ideologies.
  • Medical Freedom: I will fight against medical tyranny, ensuring that health decisions remain between patients and their doctors.


Join the Movement

Together, we can create a brighter future for Florida. Join me in this fight to protect our values and build a community we can all be proud of. Your support and involvement are crucial.

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