Where CJ Stands

On Religious Liberty and Personal Freedoms

  • In a state of emergency, governments do not have the right to close the doors of the churches, or interfere in their worship services.
  • Our Florida businesses should NEVER get shut down.

Right to life

  • Every child in the womb has a right to life.

Election Integrity

  • Floridians want fair and secure elections. Including but not limited to Voter ID and Election Audits.

Constitutional Carry

  • Every Floridian 18 and older should be allowed to carry and be able to obtain and display a firearm without obstruction.

Medical Freedom

  • Floridians have a right not be forced into taking any drug or receiving any treatment they don’t want.

Red Flag Laws

  • These laws need to be repealed. They do nothing but allow government to label you a criminal and confiscate your personal property. We are innocent until proven guilty not the other way around.

Defend the Guard

  • The guard is not to be used by the president to fight in his battles. Except in time of declared war, for the purposes of state security, no state National Guard or reserve troops shall be called upon to support or conduct operations in foreign theatres.

10th Amendment

  • The 10th amendment tells us exactly how to interpret the constitution. Simply put the federal government has expressly delegated powers. Any act of the government, be it Legislative, Executive, or Judicial that goes beyond those powers is not in pursuance of the constitution and is null and void.
  • Nullify all federal gun laws
  • Get the feds out of Florida.
  • As a sovereign state we need to start acting like one.

Opposition to NPVIC

  • I oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact:
    The NPVIC is a scheme to hijack the electoral college. The intent of the compact is to get enough states to join so that collectively they acquire a controlling majority of electoral college votes. Under this scheme the states in the compact would automatically award their EC votes to the presidential candidate with the most votes nationally. It’s bad for the state. It’s bad for the republic.